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Sorry for the old owners strange personality, He's trolling me everywhere I go now but I guess that's life. I giveth account...And I taketh away. So how long before this account gets disabled because I kind of hacked it back? Oh well.

Let the truth be told...

2011-03-26 17:17:56 by eXterminate9

Life has no meaning.
The world does not exist.
We're a play.
We are scripted and we have no control.
There is a higher arch.
Not god.
We are simply...Nothing.
I think this because of everything I have seen in my life.
You may want to troll me.
You may want to kill me.
You can stay in your so called "reality"
I'll be living the truth from now on.


2011-02-24 00:52:10 by eXterminate9

Whore mongering fuckers! Jesus christ! GAHHH!!!!!! Fuck......................Hm?...Oh...I ...stubbed my toe.....................You thaught I was mad at someone? Lol...................Prick.

my balls

2010-12-24 04:27:55 by eXterminate9

they are filled with candy. lick them.
to wartooth. GET A JOB.
everyone else on newgrounds is awesome :)

sol collector!

2010-12-20 02:42:39 by eXterminate9

i am proud to say that i made my first flash game today. i worked hard on this. i know alot of you wont like it. but deal with it. your a ball...avoid spikes...collect balls of light...

ENJOY! or not

Help me please!

2010-02-23 16:40:57 by eXterminate9

I need someone to be my buddie...someone who knows alot about i can ask a few things that i need to know like how to i save a flash as an swf so i can upload it or some other blending junk but i really need help with this cuz i quit pivot

My site!

2010-02-15 05:59:49 by eXterminate9


thats my site im zentanimation on youtube so check out my site and my youtube channel!
My channel


2010-01-12 15:06:06 by eXterminate9

if anyone somehow comes across my page go to my youtube channel ''Zentanimation'' it has my animations and my news posts



The secret

2009-10-08 11:51:47 by eXterminate9

My secret is im zentanimation on youtube thats where my vids are uploaded to go check them out ion

The secret