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Let the truth be told...

2011-03-26 17:17:56 by eXterminate9

Life has no meaning.
The world does not exist.
We're a play.
We are scripted and we have no control.
There is a higher arch.
Not god.
We are simply...Nothing.
I think this because of everything I have seen in my life.
You may want to troll me.
You may want to kill me.
You can stay in your so called "reality"
I'll be living the truth from now on.


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2011-03-27 11:04:52


eXterminate9 responds:

I know right. But it's my account again so bullshit like this post won't happen anymore. And my name won't be slandered by the old owner anymore...Sure i'll get death threats but hey, that's life.


2011-03-27 18:50:49

and why exactly do you think that you're the first person to have ever thought this and that you're automatically right?

eXterminate9 responds:

Not me, Old owner. I had to hack this account because he was using my name [Youtube name] all over newgrounds and was ruining everything for me, So I hacked this account back. I don't think like this. I'm more of a beer drinking, pussy fucking, asshole punching type of guy. I'm sure you are too.


2011-03-29 23:01:22

Fuck off, you don't diss Shadling and expect to get away with it. he's a fucking army veteren, and you're saying you don't know how to draw a pussy (which he does by the fucking way, I guess the only one you've seen is your mom's) and that he has a tiny dick, who has a bigger dick, badass artist war veteran or troll that criticizes hentai (horribly, by the way) that still lives in his mom's basement at the age of 21 just work that out on your own, so go fuck yourself you dumbass the way Elitesauce is right, millions of people have said this before, so don't go fake emo and pretend your being creative misery.

eXterminate9 responds:

Shadling/Shadman is a disgusting pervert. He draws kids naked and gets famous for it. Also I didn't make that post. The guy I gave my account to made that.
I agree with you, The old owner is a sad emo kid looking for attention. I hacked this account back because he was making me look bad.


2011-04-03 14:08:00

Asshole -.

eXterminate9 responds:

That wasn't me making that shitty post. I was hacked and I thaught that way for about a week. Since i've been trolled for something I didn't do, I'm going to go knife someone in the BALLS on CoD.


2011-05-17 17:33:48

Wrong. If you acknowledge that the world does not exist, you imply that there is no truth for you to be living. Furthermore, for us to be scripted we have to exist, and we comprise the world. And we are not scripted, we ad-lib, and no-one has yet determined how to discover every step that we will make up (they have just assumed it can be done). You feel, and thus you know you are. Does what you have seen really relate to what you're saying, or are you just saddened to find that God has betrayed you by his nonexistence? You need no meaning as long as you give yourself one. So give yourself purpose, and make yourself the very greatest at whatever you choose to do!

eXterminate9 responds:

Not me, Old owner, Sorry for his ignorrence.